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1 Star Sales Review
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Have been sitting over an hour just to talk numbers for a mazda cx5. The sales person has been great, but why they only have one person able to assist in the purchase is odd on a saturday. I have gotten much better service when i bought a brand new escape from Crossroads Ford in Wake Forest. I still never got to speak to anyone about buying a new 2013 Cx5.
Apr 20 2013
Reviewed by Randy Jeffreys
5 Star Sales Review
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as a woman on my own buying a car I was very impressed with Jim Beebee, he was friendly and professional and I never felt pressured into purchasing he made the hole experience easy, everyone I met at the dealership was wonderful.
Apr 20 2013
Reviewed by Susan
5 Star Sales Review
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From the moment I met Jim Beebe, there was never any pressure to buy. I first looked at the CX5 at the end of the year, but then held off until the end of March before seriously considering trading in my 2007. All the employees at Southern States made this a pleasurable experience, and I love my new car! Since I leased, I hope that this is just the start of a long relationship!!!!
Apr 7 2013
Reviewed by Tina
5 Star Sales Review
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Rick VanDoren was our salesman. Fantastic. I arrived at the dealership before my husband. Rick treated me respectfully, as a serious customer (smart move: The car we were buying was for me). He knew the Mazda CX5 exceptionally well, including how great it drives and WHY!! He clearly explained the structure of the car (strong but lightweight), how Mazda was able to design high power/great gas mileage, control of the car in tight turns, high speeds andpoor roads, starts/stops on inclines and built-in technology related to the standard/stick-shift. Very low sales pressure. Straight talk, No "funny stuff." We appreciate that. My husband (an engineer) had been researching our options (after I totalled my last Mazda two weeks ago) and saw that as we were looking for an SUV, the CX 5 was the way to go. There certainly were other options. We had already test-driven the Sportage, Sorento, CRV & Rav4; new and used; four dealerships. Considered FSBO purchase. Considered driving to VA, SC or at least outside of Wake County but the 2014 CX5 could not be outdone and Rick closed the deal at Southern States. So, we brought home our new baby on Friday. We've put 500 miles on it. Carried the dog, a foster child, extra car seats, junk. Aleady spilled chocolate, sunflower seeds and sweet peas. Stalled on our steep driveway three times (just getting used to feel of new shifting mechanism) but NEVER ROLLED BACK (great technology). So, as you can see, we put it to work right away and have no buyers remorse. Folks, that is a great, great vehicle. We love it. I've been driving stick shifts for years and years. It handles even better than the 3 and is not so much bigger that I am not comfortable manipulating it. I love driving and I LOVE DRIVING THAT SUV!!!! It is a LOT of fun. Feels great. And yes. We are passing on the good word about Rick, Southern States & the CX5. By the way: It was not advertising that alerted us to consider the vehicle. It was my brother (who studies car magazines and loves all things cars) and my friend (who bought her CX5 from Rick. Her boyfriend has one, too). Thank you Jennifer Steele
Mar 27 2013
Reviewed by Jennifer Steele
5 Star Service Review
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Bought parts from parts department .juan in service department is always helpful in assuring all parts are installed properly and securely for me. Anytime I stop by for service or simply picking up a replacement part, he's most courteous and polite. He's always goes the extra mile to ensure I receive an excellent customer experience. Special thanks to Juan in the Mazda service department.
Mar 21 2013
Reviewed by A galloway
5 Star Sales Review
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After reading several reviews, I had decided to go with a Mazda CX-5. I met Aaron Nugent at the Wake Forest Location, who spent time helping me understand the features of the various CX-5s out on the market. He was very patient, friendly and outgoing. He was quite knowledgeable about the models, and the few times he didn't have the answer, he was upfront about it. He didn't try to fake it, and I appreciated the honest feedback. At the time, they had only a few models for sale; he promised to keep me informed when a new shipment would arrive, so I had more of a pick. Sure enough, more came in that weekend, and I went back in to see him. He had prepped my preferred car and was having it detailed as I came back in. The final process to purchase the car was stress-free and fairly quick. Throughout the transaction, Aaron maintained a friendly, professional atmosphere with me, answering any other questions I had and helped to make me feel comfortable. In the past, I've had a concern about going to car dealerships and dealing with high pressure sales tactics, but this experience was wonderful. I would definitely come back to work with Aaron in the future as well as recommend him to any friends looking for a Mazda vehicle!
Mar 19 2013
Reviewed by Stephen Bulla
5 Star Sales Review
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Rick Vandoren was my salesman and he was great. Best car buying experience ever. I would highly recommend Southern States. The whole staff was great. I love my car and I love those guys. Awesome!!
Mar 18 2013
Reviewed by Chris Gupton
2 Star Service Review
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I took my car in, specifically, because it did not pass inspection at another auto shop. It was clear I needed Mazda to see what was going on, fix it, and do the inspection. This was discussed in detail. After agreeing to 1300 dollars worth of fixes and 4/5 days without my car (thank you for the loaner though)I picked the car up. Here are my issues: 1. I asked and paid for the car to be detailed. This was a service offered by my previous Mazda dealer for free. I agreed to pay at Southern States. The car was "rinsed off" prior to bad weather but most certainly not cleaned inside and out. I could have paid the same amount elsewhere for a complete detail. This has not been refunded. 2. My car did not get inspected. After recieving my money for all the repairs and specifically telling me the car was inspected (I even asked if I needed my inspection paperwork and was told "no, it's all in the computer system)no inspection was done. It made me feel like Mazda didn't care why I had brought my car in from the beginning. They made their profit; not about the customer's needs. 3. I sent two emails and made calls to the service team about my issues. No one offered any refund for the car wash, discount on other services related to my issues. I did not even receive a call from management with an apology.
Mar 13 2013
Reviewed by Nichole Perkins
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