Who Can Apply

If you are faced with one of the following issues, Southern States Automotive Group can help you rebuild AND drive.


We have lenders on standby that can assist if you have completed your Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Even though Bankruptcy may remain on your credit for up to 10 years, the best way to move past this is to re-establish with new credit... and a vehicle loan is one of your best opportunities here. We can help you re-establish once your Bankruptcy is complete and you have received your discharge letter. Or if you have a Bankruptcy in the past and would like to start re-establishing give us a call.
Unfortunately we cannot help if your Bankruptcy is still open and has not yet been dismissed or discharged.


In the event that you have had a vehicle either voluntary or involuntarily re-possessed you can get another loan. With many of our lenders you will be eligible after one year. A handful of lenders will accept 6 months and we have even obtained approvals for shorter time periods. Be warned however, the size of your down payment will have the most impact on getting a lender to take the risk again.

Slow Payments

Our lenders know that things come up. In most cases we can help even if you have slow credit card payments, high balances, charge-offs, medical bills and other less than perfect payment history.
If you are a home owner and you had some slow payments or you are in a loan modification, in most cases we can help. The lenders understand and want to get you a loan to help keep your budget in place with an affordable payment. Some lenders may request a copy of the new arrangement and will approve you for a new or pre-owned vehicle.

First Time Buyers

Are you just getting started? You may not need a co signor if you have stable employment or a job that pays regularly, apply today and see if you qualify for our special programs designed to get you started on your way to a strong credit history. Southern States Automotive Group represents manufacturers that occasionally offer “First Time Buyer” discounts that can help, so don’t forget to ask your Sales Associate if those programs are currently available.